M-Dot Launches Secure Transaction Network for Digital Coupons

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M-Dot Launches Secure Transaction Network for Digital Coupons

M-Dot Network has launched an enterprise platform that redeems digital coupons in real time to speed up checkout and reduce redemption error rates.

The platform was developed as a bridge that connects any number of existing digital consumer touch points -- such as Internet and mobile phone -- into a retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) system, without the expense of additional in-store hardware.

“Our real-time processing technology enables retailers to own and manage their own pipeline of digital coupons and offers, safely and securely,” said Bill Catania, CEO of the Erie, Pa.-based vendor.

Here’s how it works: consumers select and receive digital offers on a participating retailer’s Web site, on a retailer-branded mobile application provided by M-Dot or directly from the digital coupon issuer. Regardless of coupon issuance, consumers redeem all coupons in real time by swiping their loyalty card or entering their phone number at checkout. All of ashopper’s coupons are redeemed during the same transaction, with a mean response time of 98 milliseconds, or one-tenth of a second, according to M-Dot.

M-Dot Network’s patent-pending message broker software controls all coupon redemption messages between the retailer POS and M-Dot Network’s central servers. M-Dot Network’s compression technology recognizes what’s been purchased by the shopper, and immediately sends a message to its central server for validation of eligible coupons for the purchase. A message is then immediately sent back to the retailer, where the purchase price is adjusted for the shopper based on the sum of his or her valid coupons.

M-Dot Network is a digital incentive processor that enables retailers to issue and redeem digital coupons and incentives in real time while using existing in-store technology infrastructure.

For more information, visit www.mdotnetwork.com.