Lunds/Byerly's E Coli Outbreak Prompts Beef Recall of 117K Lbs. Beef Trim

MINNEAPOLIS - On the heels of an E. coli outbreak stemming from ground beef sold by Lunds or Byerly's grocery stores based here, the meat company linked to the products that have sickened seven people is recalling more than 117,500 pounds of beef shipped to eight states.

Windom, Minn.-based PM Beef Holdings issued a voluntary recall of the beef trim products that it sent to distributors and retailers in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

U.S. Department of Agriculture officials say the beef trim was produced on March 27 and turned into ground beef sold under many different retail brand names. In Minnesota, officials have said it was ground at the stores where it was sold.

Fred Pritzker, a Minneapolis-based foodborne illness attorney, called for Lunds and Byerly's to pay victims' medical bills. "No matter what the source of the E. coli is," Pritzker said, "it is only fair that the retailer pay for the medical bills of its injured customers. The families deserve that peace of mind."

The products subject to recall include:
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 85 TRIMMINGS, 30216085."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 90 TRIMMINGS, 30216090."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 95 TRIMMINGS, 30268295."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS OUTSIDE RND FLAT FOR USL, 30271092"
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 95 TRIMMINGS, 30568295."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS SHLD CLOD FOR USL, 30214092."
_ Bulk boxes of "SUPERLEAN TRIMMINGS, 30340000."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS OUTSIDE RND FLAT FOR USL, 30571092."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS TRIMMINGS, 340072."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS SHLD CLOD FOR USL, 30514092."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 95 TRIMMINGS, 30571295."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 95 TRIMMINGS, 30271295."
_ Bulk boxes of "BNLS CODE 95 TRIMMINGS, 30567295."
_ Bulk boxes of "PREMIUM BEEF TRIM, 1240072"
_ Bulk boxes of "BEEF TRIMMINGS - PREMIUM, 240072."
_ Bulk boxes of "CHUCK TRIM - SPECIAL, 240080."
_ Bulk boxes of "NR CHUCK TRIM, 340080."
_ Bulk boxes of "CH PREMIUM TRIM, 78240072."
_ Combo bin of "BNLS CODE 8 TRIMMINGS, 40030340080"
_ Combo bin of "TESTED 80% LEAN TRIMMINGS, 4000030025"
_ Combo bin of "BEEF TRIM CODE 5, 40000340050"
_ Combo bin of "CODE 6 TRIM, 40000340865"

Each box bears the establishment number "Est. 683" as well as a net weight declaration. The possible contamination was discovered by the Minnesota Department of Health as part of an illness investigation.
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