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Lowes Sees 3-Digit Rise in Coupon Redemption

Lowes Foods has reported a dramatic, triple-digit increase in coupon redemption following the launch of a new online coupon service, Unata’s Integrated Coupons, from Toronto-based software company Unata.

Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Lowes, the first grocer to embed digital coupons directly into its Unata-powered e-commerce and e-circular experiences, saw a 422 percent increase in average coupon redemptions over the past six weeks compared with the average for the six weeks prior to launch. It also saw a 242 percent increase in average unique coupon clippers for the same time period.

Shoppers now have a way to track coupons they've clipped in their e-commerce cart, see any related products they still need to add to fulfill redemption, and have those coupons redeemed automatically when they check out online or scan their loyalty card in-store. In addition, the cart total automatically factors in coupons, more accurately reflecting what the shopper is going to spend, effectively freeing up more of their budget to be spent on more products.

The service is a first for U.S. digital grocery, according to Lowes: Never before have grocers been able to directly connect coupons and products so that shoppers have visibility to coupons available on the products they're adding to their cart, and the ability to clip those coupons, without having to go to another website or portal to do so. The result is a seamless shopping experience that increases visibility of coupons and, as a result, opportunities for the shopper to save.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Alex Lee Inc., Lowes Foods employs nearly 9,000 people at supermarkets in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

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