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Lowes Adopts Integrated e-Coupon Solution

Lowes Foods LLC has taken a leadership role in the grocery industry with a new platform jointly developed by Unata and Inmar to integrate digital coupons directly into its e-commerce and e-circular programs, which will result in a more interconnected and seamless digital grocery experience for its customers.

Michael Moore, CMO of Winston-Salem-based Lowes Foods, said the retailer's new integrated e-Coupon solution "will simplify our guest’s experience and will empower them to maximize savings on their grocery basket." The move, he added, represents "another step in our rebranding journey and is part of our continuing effort to innovate for our guests.”

Although Inmar’s research has found that almost 40 percent of consumers regularly use digital coupons, the offers are usually in their own separate section of a grocer’s website, which often prevents shoppers from viewing or clip coupons while making a list or shopping online. In turn, shoppers are prevented from knowing which products have associated coupons or how the savings from their clipped coupons will lower their cart total.

Lowes' new integrated e-Coupon solution will address the above issues by offering:

  • A dedicated coupons section within the e-commerce portal, with the ability to filter them by department.
  • A coupon pages listing with all applicable SKUs to provide shoppers the ability to add product to the cart and clip coupons directly from the coupon page.
  • Coupons displayed on product pages whenever applicable, with the ability to clip a coupon directly from the product page.
  • Digital coupon suggestions displayed in the cart, with the ability to clip the coupon directly in the cart.
  • Savings incorporated into the estimated total, so shoppers can better manage their budgets.

“This brand-new digital coupon experience, as well as our new collaboration with Inmar, are part of our commitment to innovation and to ensuring we keep our retail partners at the forefront of the industry,” says Marc Faucher, COO and CFO of Toronto-based Unata. “Moving forward, any retailer that works with Unata will automatically have access to out-of-the-box support for Inmar coupons flowing directly into their e-commerce and e-circular experiences.”

“By working with Unata to enable this transformational solution, we help retailers and brands take full advantage of sales opportunities generated by the growth of e-commerce in the grocery vertical,” added David Mounts, chairman and CEO of Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Inmar.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Alex Lee Inc., Lowes Foods employs nearly 9,000 people at 97 supermarkets in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

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