Louisiana Sweet Potato Commish Takes to the Streets

Right on time for the thick of sweet potato season, the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission (LSPC) launching a new advertising plan to promote its colorful tubers via local delivery trucks to reach the target audience at the point of sale.

Contrary to its past efforts that relied on advertising through a combination of conventional media, including traditional billboards, this year’s LSPC campaign is being revamped with mobile ads to present a more innovative and dynamic means of communication to boost brand awareness.

Truck-side advertising combines the immediacy of point of purchase advertising with the visual power of billboards, which LSPC says will impart an more effective means of reaching potential customers during their daily routines.

From November through March, the delivery trucks, which will make rounds to grocery stores in in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Alexandria, Lafayette and Lake Charles, will make deliveries in front of stores instead of traditional back-of-store loading docks, to ensure ultimate POP visibility.

The trucks will feature LSPC’s logo and products, along with the “Be Loyal, Buy Local” tagline and a call to visit the commission’s website, where consumers will find a heapin' helpin' of sweet potato recipes.

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