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Loblaw to Optimize Store Replenishment With Teradata

DAYTON, Ohio - Teradata, a division of NCR Corp. and provider of enterprise data warehousing, analytic applications, and data warehousing services, announced yesterday that Loblaw Companies Ltd., based in Toronto, has purchased the Teradata Demand Chain Management (DCM) 3.1 suite of solutions.

The new system, which will be fully installed in all Loblaw stores, will help the retailer increase sales and decrease inventory by improving the accuracy of demand forecasting.

With Teradata DCM 3.1 and the retailer's expanded Teradata data warehouse, Loblaw expects to optimize store replenishment decisions based on predictive consumer demand down to the store/item/day level, reduce inventory costs, minimize out-of-stocks, and improve customer service levels.

This will enable Loblaw to improve in-stock positions to better service customers while keeping inventory costs under control. Teradata DCM will help Loblaw minimize out-of-stocks while reducing safety stock levels.

"Teradata DCM will assist Loblaw in better predicting the wants and needs of its customers, improving the company's ability to deliver what customers want, when and where they expect it," said Rick Makos, head of Teradata in Canada.
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