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Lazy Delivery Expands Into Orlando

Lazy Delivery added Orlando on Sept. 8 as the third market in its delivery service that covers groceries to take-out food to office supplies – anything that will fit in a mid-size car. Co-owners Manuel Zelaya, Marc Charbel, and Daniel Zelaya began the service in Gainseville, Fla., in November 2013 and added the Jacksonville area in July of this year.

The company uses “personal liaisons” to shop for almost anything the customer needs, excluding tobacco products and alcohol. Orders are placed on the company’s website, which allows customers to save their delivery address, billing information and shopping lists. The personal liaison then shops for the items on the list and either delivers the items right away (within two hours of the order being placed) or at a specific time and date indicated by the customer. The company offers delivery 24 hours a day.

"In Gainesville, we launched this thinking it would take off with students, and it has, but it actually really took off in the suburbs," said co-founder Manuel Zelava in an interview with in Orlando.

The founders also hope to launch the non-profit Delivery Foundation to raise money in order to provide free delivery service to residents with disabilities and others who have difficulties getting to the store.

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