Laurel Grocery Said Laying Off 15

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Laurel Grocery Said Laying Off 15

Laurel Grocery Company has laid off 15 employees as it expanded its operations in Ohio, according to a report in the London, Ky. Sentinel-Echo. Jim Buchanan, president and c.e.o., was quoted saying the company found itself overstaffed at its older London warehouse after it had bought and put into operation a second facility in Dennison, Ohio.

Laurel Grocery Company bought the 275,000 square foot warehouse in Dennison about nine months ago, to offset overcrowding conditions in the London, Ky. Warehouse, Buchanan said.

With products now being stored in the Ohio facility, Laurel Grocery needed less help in the London warehouse, resulting in the layoffs. Meanwhile, it hired about 30 people to work in the Dennison warehouse. Buchanan said none of the London employees filled those positions, but he did say the layoffs may not be permanent.

Laurel Grocery, a full-line wholesaler based in London, Ky., supplies around 420 independent grocers in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.