The Latest on Honey

The National Honey Board, based in Firestone, Colo., has released an update of its Honey Culinary Library CD. The 2009 version is a comprehensive honey resource for food professionals who create recipes with honey and for communicators who write or talk about honey.

The encyclopedic reference provides helpful tools for optimizing honey’s popular appeal and creative potential, among them a photo library with over 20 new recipe and product shots, foodservice recipes, sorted by category and including 15 new dishes; a link to the Food Processor’s Honey Resource Database for food manufacturers; and links to and, a honey search engine.

For a free copy of the new Honey Culinary Library CD, call the National Honey Board hot line at (800) 255-0288. Visit the Web site at for honey foodservice and food manufacturing news, additional product information and recipes. For additional information about the National Honey Board and its foodservice programs, e-mail Bruce Wolk at [email protected].
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