Kumai Named ‘Pasta Fits’ Ambassador

The National Pasta Association (NPA) has revealed that chef, author and television host Candice Kumai is now a consultant and spokeswoman for its “Pasta Fits” campaign. Kumai (left), author of “Pretty Delicious,” co-host of Lifetime Television’s hit series, “Cook Yourself Thin,” chef contributor on the Cooking Channel’s “Unique Eats,” and an alumna of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” will add her voice the NPA’s message that pasta can be part of a healthy lifestyle, a weight-loss program, a budget-conscious shopping list and a time-pressed schedule.

“Pasta is part of a balanced diet and can be prepared in so many appetizing ways,” noted Kumai, who will also help the New York-based organization mark National Pasta Month in October. “NPA’s program reflects my personal commitment to spreading the love of delicious food while educating people about maintaining a healthy diet that everyone can feel good about.”

“Pasta Fits” aims to helps consumers understand the role of carbohydrates such as pasta in a healthy diet and in weight loss. National Pasta Month activities will include the promotion of new pasta recipes, diet tips and media appearances.

“We believe that Candice Kumai is the perfect ‘fit’ for our new campaign,” noted Peter Smith, NPA chairman and CEO of Ebro North America in Harrisburg, Pa. “With her passion for educating consumers about healthy foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious, she embodies all the ideals of the Pasta Fits campaign.”

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