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Kroger to Source Ethnic HBC from TWT Distributing

CINCINATTI - The Kroger Co. has tapped TWT Distributing, Inc., a Charlotte, N.C.-based minority-owned distributor of health and beauty care products and toiletries for African Americans and Hispanics, to manage its ethnic health and beauty care category.

Under the agreement, TWT Distributing will be responsible for sourcing, procuring, and merchandising ethnic health and beauty care products for 12 divisions of Kroger.

TWT said it plans to conduct demographic and purchasing research and draw upon its years of industry experience to create and implement a program that will provide a wide variety of high-quality ethnic health and beauty care products.

In addition, TWT will be responsible for developing consumer-driven marketing and promotional programs aimed at attracting new customers to Kroger stores.

"We believe that TWT's experience in this category will enable Kroger to expand our product offering and better meet the needs of our increasingly diverse customer base," said Denise Thomas, supplier diversity coordinator for Kroger.
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