Kroger, Royal Bank Launch Credit Card in Wichita

CINCINNATI -- The Kroger Co. and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group launched a new consumer credit card -- "1-2-3 Rewards MasterCard" -- in the chain's Dillon's division in Wichita.

The credit card introduction, which launched on June 29, 2005, is the chain's second stab at a store-branded card, according to published reports. A Dillon's spokeswoman told a local business journal the most recent credit card effort differs from the first, which she said failed to meet the retailers' goals because of the joint venture nature of the contract.

She characterized Kroger and Royal Bank's stakes as being, "50-50," when commenting on the chain's arrangement that shares profits and losses with the bank.

Company officials said they believe their latest incarnation of a consumer credit card will be a hit with consumers because of the variety of rewards offered, which aim to build closer customer relationships.

Kroger's Dillon's division runs 109 stores in the five-state region of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
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