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Kroger to Pilot Biometric ID System

ROUND ROCK, Texas - Biometric Access Corporation (BAC), a provider of biometric identity verification solutions, has announced its retail point-of-sale system SecureTouch-n-Pay is being pilot tested by The Kroger Company.

Kroger stores in the Bryan/College Station, Texas market have installed SecureTouch-n-Pay to process grocery checkout and payroll check cashing transactions. SecureTouch-n-Pay enables customers to shop without needing to carry a purse, wallet or checkbook by incorporating biometric identity verification and electronic financial transaction processing at the POS.

"SecureTouch-n-Pay offers faster, more convenient and more secure checkout by enabling customers to pay for groceries and obtain loyalty program discounts without having to carry any plastic cards, checks or cash into our stores," said Arthur Oden, risk manager of Kroger's Southwest Division. "We believe this technology may represent the future for financial transactions at the POS and we are pleased to be the first to bring this convenience and protection to our customers."

Customers may participate in SecureTouch-n-Pay by completing a one-time enrollment that captures all the personal and financial data necessary for transaction processing, including ID information, loyalty program information, electronic payment options (i.e. checking accounts, credit/debit accounts, Electronic Benefits Transfer accounts) and their unique finger images. This information creates a personalized account that can be accessed by the customer during checkout or payroll check cashing by providing a personal ID number and a finger image that matches one captured during the enrollment sequence.

Kroger has worked with BAC for more than three years and offered insight about the retail environment that helped shape the solution, according to BAC. SecureTouch-n-Pay is integrated with IBM's SurePOS ACE application, which is utilized by Kroger.
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