Kroger Partners with UK's Dunnhumby To Better Understand Customers Needs

CINCINNATI - The Kroger Co. announced it is partnering with London-based Dunnhumby limited to gain a better understanding of its customers and identify opportunities to enhance their shopping experience in its stores.

Dunnhumby is a U.K. leader in data management, customer analysis, and insight-led planning, and has helped clients such as BMW, Procter & Gamble, Diageo, Tesco, and Virgin Atlantic learn more about their customers and develop customer-focused marketing initiatives.

"We believe that Dunnhumby will help us better understand our customers by providing unique insight into their shopping needs," said Don McGeorge, Kroger EVP. "For example, our merchandisers will learn which products and categories are important to each customer. We will learn more about how to fulfill our customers' needs in a more relevant way. In short, Dunnhumby's insight will enable Kroger to make more informed merchandising and marketing decisions while improving our customers' shopping experience."

"The most successful loyalty programs work because they are able to take information and turn it into actions that provide customers with recognizable benefits," said Edwina Dunn, Dunnhumby's CEO. "Those benefits strengthen the customer's bond with the company, because the customer can see that the company cares about them and their business. Our partnership with Kroger underscores their commitment to understanding their customers. Kroger recognizes that over the long term, retaining valuable customers is crucial to maintaining growth and staying competitive. We are delighted that Kroger has selected Dunnhumby to help achieve these goals."

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