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Kroger Launches National TV Network

CINCINNATI -- The Kroger Co. said it is rolling out its own television network, KTV, with a broadcast and recording studio in each of its operating divisions, and customers, associates, vendors, and community leaders as the intended audience.

It said it has built a state of the art facility across the street from Kroger's headquarters building with a team of producers and support staff. The chain said it will produce dozens of original videos every year, maintaining a full broadcast schedule.

For Kroger's Central Division, the new KTV department at the Indianapolis division headquarters will support all 154 stores in the multi-state region. "Having our own television network opens a world of communications possibilities for reaching a diverse audience in every community we serve," said Bob Moeder, Central Division president.

In addition, Moeder said the division's 154 units "have very powerful computer servers to support live broadcasts and on-demand video. We intend to take advantage of the portable camera equipment to film at the many community events we support, and to communicate critical messages to employees and customers," said Moeder, noting that KTV will become "an integral training and associate communications resource."

Coco Bill, who joined Kroger after its acquisition of Pay Less, will lead the KTV initiative in Kroger's Central division. Most recently, Bill has spearheaded the division's customer service training and has been a past recipient of Kroger's President's Award for Excellence in 2003 and the Customer Service Award in 2001. Her community recognized her with the Athena Award in 2000.
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