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Kroger to Launch 'Perfect Media' Combo of In-Store Radio/TV

CINCINNATI -- Kroger TV might be coming to a store near you. The national chain here said yesterday it has entered into a multi-year agreement with its in-store radio network provider, Salt Lake City, Utah-based InStore Broadcasting Network (IBN), to launch a coordinated television network for shoppers in its more than 2,500 retail units across the country.

The satellite-delivered network uses plasma and LCD screens located in key locations throughout the store to deliver information about new products, services, cooking tips, and special promotions. Kroger community service and relevant entertainment segments are also highlighted. The new system will enable Kroger to coordinate its in-store radio and TV messages, according to the retailer.

"We can now coordinate the messages brought to our customers through both in-store radio and television," said Evan Anthony, Kroger corporate v.p. of marketing and advertising. "For the first time, we can combine in-store radio and TV to deliver what we call 'perfect media,' with multiple channels in each store displaying fun, exciting and relevant content focused exclusively on our customers."

IBN c.e.o. Robert Brazell said his firm's studies show that customers like getting helpful information in stores. "First and foremost, we wanted to make sure that Kroger customers like this combined service. Our studies clearly show that when a consumer is presented with concise, relevant communications inside a store, they appreciate the suggestions and information. Our In-Store Radio has been a trusted medium for retailers and shoppers for many years, filling the store with music and messages. Now TV screens will help to bring sight and motion to that familiarity."

The Perfect Media concept has been patented by IBN as it pertains to the combined use of in-store audio and in-store television, coupled with transaction results. The synchronization of certain aspects of the media is meant to deliver a clear and unified communications platform for Kroger and advertisers. The system also allows for customization by store, group of stores, or other parameters. The capability to trigger content by weather, day-part, and other variables is also built into the system.

Installation of the network will take place over the next 18 months, Kroger said. It is projected that more than 68 million shoppers will be exposed to in-store media every week.
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