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Kroger Expands Click-and-Collect Service

Kroger shoppers buying their groceries online will now know the service by its new name: ClickList.

The Cincinnati-based grocery giant made the name official at its investor conference Tuesday, when Kroger launched the brand and added a new market to its click-and-collect service.

Nashville, Tenn., joins Kroger’s ClickList network, which piloted in Cincinnati and has since grown to include Indianapolis; Lexington, Ky.; and Portland, Ore., where shoppers can purchase groceries online and pick them up at 19 stores.

“We’re going to continue to add stores the rest of the year,” said Kevin Dougherty, Kroger’s group VP of digital and Vitacost.

Kroger has referred to the service as ClickList informally for several months, using that name in a news release this past summer. Harris Teeter, the southeast regional banner Kroger acquired last year, continues to call its pre-merger click-and-collect service Express Lane, which served as a guide for Kroger’s programs in the other markets.

Dougherty said Kroger will continue to test the service in other markets to see if it’s a good fit for that region. “We’re seeing continued customer enthusiasm, and we continue to like what we’re seeing," he said.

Kroger officials further said they would consider adding home delivery to its online ordering options.


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