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Kroger Cuts Back on 24-Hour Stores In N.W. Ohio, S.E. Mich.

TOLEDO -- Seven of the 22 Kroger Co. stores in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan are no longer 24-hour operations due to lack of business during the wee hours of the morning, according to a report in The Toledo Blade.

Although the switch has upset some night shift customers who have become accustomed to shopping after midnight, Kroger says it needs lots more of them to make the proposition fiscally feasible.

Officials from Kroger's Columbus-based Great Lakes division made the change in view of results of a shopping patterns study which found that the stores "have absolutely no sales in those really early morning hours," according to company spokesman Dale Hollandsworth.

"It's not a savings issue as much is it is, 'here is when the customers are in the store, we need to have people working here then,'" Hollandsworth told the local paper.
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