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Kroger Adds BioPay's Paycheck Secure to the Check Cashing Counter

HERNDON, Va. - The Kroger Company has selected BioPay's Paycheck Secure for its check cashing operations located in stores throughout Indiana. Paycheck is designed to eliminate check fraud and to give customers a convenient option to cash payroll checks while keeping their personal information secure.

Kroger is planning to expand the service to more locations nationwide next year, according to BioPay.

The Paycheck Secure check cashing system uses biometrics to verify a person's identity and confirm their check cashing history. If a customer has a negative check cashing history, the clerk can cancel the transaction, saving the store money that would have otherwise been lost on a fraudulent transaction.

Kroger's Central Division is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Eleven of the state's 143 Kroger locations cash more than 60,000 checks per month.
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