Kinney Drugs Upgrades Workforce Management System

GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. -- Regional drug store chain Kinney Drugs said it here is installing a new management system to optimize its workforce and enhance its customer experience, while reducing labor costs.
Kinney Drugs said it selected JDA Software to replace an in-house workforce program. The new system, JDA’s Time and Attendance software, went live on August 3 following a 14-week pilot. JDA’s Optimized Scheduling software is expected to go live in 2008.
“The scheduling feature has already helped our store employees,” said Wayne Jones, v.p. of MIS at Kinney Drugs. “There is better adherence to the schedules along with a structure that is visible to the employee. Schedules are completed within a reasonable time period so the employee knows his or her working expectations well in advance. With JDA we’ve successfully transitioned from an extremely labor intensive process to a seamless, automated workforce management system.”
Kinney Drugs operates 87 store locations in central and northern New York and Vermont; as well as three divisions that provide healthcare services including ProAct Pharmacy Services, Inc., Long Term Health Care Services and Health Direct Pharmacy Services.
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