King Soopers Revives Web Shopping

DENVER - Kroger banner King Soopers is rolling out a revamped version of its home-delivery service that lets shoppers order and receive groceries on the same day for a $10 fee, the Denver Post reports.

The Northwest grocery chain spent the past year overhauling the technology behind its HomeShop service to make it easier to find specific products online, Kevin Price, chief executive of Denver-based AccuCode, told the newspaper.

AccuCode designed the Web-based system for King Soopers and integrated the store's order-fulfillment and delivery systems.

The new HomeShop is running in Boulder, Colo. By late summer, it will be offered in any Colorado town that has a King Soopers, said Dave Hopson, HomeShop manager.

Hopson said HomeShop, a multimillion-dollar project, will be profitable because the groceries come from existing stores. He said demand for delivery service has increased, and if HomeShop is successful locally, parent company Kroger may roll it out nationwide.
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