Kerr Drug to Deploy Consumer Health Risk Assessment Application

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Regional pharmacy chain Kerr Drug plans to deploy a health risk assessment engine developed to improve prevention and management of chronic diseases by focusing on individualized disease risk assessment.

The retailer signed a licensing agreement with BioSignia, a preventative healthcare technology company, in which BioSignia's Know Your Number testing tool will be available to customers at participating Kerr Health Care Centers in North Carolina.

Know Your Number predicts the onset of preventable diseases, compares a consumer's current health status against his or her peers, reveals what chronic disease risks are modifiable and lets them know what factors, such as lack of exercise and smoking, are contributing to the risks of developing specific chronic conditions. Findings are communicated in reports that are designed to help users track their progress.

"Know Your Number is, by no means, a standard health risk assessment tool," commented Joe Heidrick, R.Ph., PharmD and program coordinator at Kerr Drug. "It evaluates and reports a person's chances of developing a chronic disease in a much more accurate, actionable manner."
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