Keep it Clean, Naturally

Little ones can enjoy hours of natural bathtub fun with Smith & Vandiver’s Natural Products Association-certified Good Clean Fun Dino-Bubbles and Ducky-Bubbles. Created especially for children ages 2 to 10, both non-toxic products are PH balanced to be gentle and non-irritating to the skin and eyes, as well as being free of sulfates, phalates, parabens and formaldehyde. The suggested retail price is $6.99 per 12.5-ounce eco-friendly squishy pouch. The Watsonville, Calif.-based company also makes a line of Bath Fizzies — effervescent items that release skin-softening conditioners blended specifically for sensitive young skin. Once they dissolve, a special surprise of a dinosaur, duck, prince or a frog pops out and floats to the top. Bath Fizzies retail for a suggested $1.59 apiece, or $14.99 for a value pack of 12. To find out more, visit

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