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Billed as the first thermometer that measures product temperature vs. circulating air temperatures, EndoTherm is a revolutionary food thermometer that mimics the internal temperature of perishable products when placed in any form or refrigeration -- however large or small the area being cooled.

While most refrigerators and freezers tend to be set far colder than needed, the EndoTherm can be calibrated accurately with all refrigerated equipment, which will also yield monetary savings on energy use and less spoilage due to reduced over-cooling. The item enables operators to know whether the temperature of food being stored is done at the recommended safe levels.

In most applications, users of the EndoTherm were able to turn up the thermostat on their appliances, which in turn uses less energy. In fact, a 1-degree thermostat change is estimated to help save as much as 8 percent on energy use. Requiring no installation, management and staff can see at a glance the actual temperature of the food without having to probe or risk cross-contamination.

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