K.C.'s Price Chopper Bows Two-Tiered Rewards Program


Kansas City-based Price Chopper has added a new option to its popular Chopper Shopper Rewards Card, which enables shoppers to choose between their existing fuel program or switch to the all-new food program.

With the Chopper Shopper rewards program, every dollar the customer spends at Price Chopper earns points. For the new food savings option, Price Chopper will mail a rewards certificate for 5 percent off groceries directly to customers once 1,000 points are accumulated. With no minimum buys required, the savings on food option is accessible to all Price Chopper Shoppers.

“We excited to introduce something new and different to Kansas City,” explained Casie Broker, director of marketing for the 52-store retail marketing group, whose Price Chopper stores are owned by the Ball, Bresette, Cosentino, McKeever and Queen families, all of whom live in Kansas City and oversee store operations on a daily basis.

“Our fuel program has seen a lot of success, but we want to give our customers even more ways to be rewarded for choosing our stores," added Broker, noting that the existing rewards program for fuel discounts at QuikTrip will not change. The food or fuel program simply offers customers a new way to use the points they earn from their everyday shopping.

All told, more than 600,000 Kansas Citians have saved on fuel with the Chopper Shopper Rewards Card, which equates to more than $18 million saved on fuel at QuikTrip.

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