Just Count to 10

Glacéau, the maker of smartwater and vitaminwater, has tweaked the recipe for the latter and come up with a groundbreaking low-calorie version. Vitaminwater10 contains only 10 calories per serving but retains the vitamins and nutrients that are part of regular vitaminwater, according to the Whitestone, N.Y.-based company, a privately owned subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Co. The product’s proprietary blend of natural sweeteners includes rebiana, crystalline fructose and erythritol, and it comes in four flavors: essential (orange-orange), xxx (acai-blueberry-pomengranate), energy (tropical citrus) and multi-v (lemonade.) A 20-ounce bottle retails for a suggested $1.49, and a 20-pack for $18.99. To learn more, visit www.vitaminwater.com.
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