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Now retailers can quickly create a store-within-a-store -- for permanent use or for temporary seasonal items -- with the Shop-in-a-Box from Walls + Forms, Inc., a Dallas-based designer and manufacturer of modular displays, store fixtures, sign ware and lightbox systems.

The 10-foot-by-25-foot store includes wall panels with slatwall and wall panels with LPL surfaces, support panels for stability, and four shelving units with three adjustable shelves per unit. It also contains one-door panel assembly with a locking doorknob, one cash stand, and all the necessary connectors and hardware.

Walls + Forms provides standard LPL finishes as well as custom laminates. The high-density wood walls are held in place by the company’s patented CornerForms panel connector system shown. Because of this, several layout and sizing options are available, including a 20-foot x 25-foot and 40-foot x 25-foot size configuration.

Each unit is available in several color and design options, as well as a variety of sizes and designs for wall and floor display. Optional fixtures are also available, including floor displays, wall systems, showcases, and wall-mounted and freestanding graphic panels. Once the desired wall systems and fixtures have been selected, accessories can be chosen for both wall and floor displays, such as countertop fixtures, acrylic displays, slatwall accessories and stools.

For more information, call (972) 745-0800, or visit www.wallsforms.com