Jungle Jim's Installs Device Control Solution to Secure Desktops, Laptops

FAIRFIELD, Ohio - Community-based single-store independent Jungle Jim's International Market of Ohio is installing an application and device control solution to prevent unauthorized software from executing on corporate laptops and desktop computers.

"We had tried giving users administrative rights over applications, but that gave them full reign over their PCs, which meant that unauthorized software began to pollute the desktops," said Will Bradshaw, network administrator, Jungle Jim's. "Sometimes the software finds its way onto a user's desktop inadvertently but sometimes a user intentionally wants to run something that we don't want to support."

This resulted in a variety of unauthorized software getting through, such as spyware and malware. "Software installed by users, either knowingly or unwittingly, is often the culprit behind today's most notorious security and compliance problems," said Bradshaw.

To prevent this, Bradshaw is deploying Cambridge, Mas.-based Bit9's Parity solution, which is software that was developed to identify and stop unauthorized, unknown, rogue, or malicious software from running on corporate desktops. "With Bit9, we can control applications, standardize our PC images, as well as understand what is on our computers and keep unapproved software off," said Bradshaw.

According to Bit9, the software gives Jungle Jim's the ability to decide which applications are approved and appropriate to run and allows the company to specify policy for new, unknown software.
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