JOH Hosts Inaugural Kids 360 Charity Event

On Oct. 7, Billerica, Mass.-based food broker JOH launched its Kids 360 Charity at the Woodland Golf Club in Auburndale. The inaugural event hosted 150 industry executives and raised more than $55,000.

JOH created Kids 360 to make a difference in the lives of children by providing them clothes, food, toys, medical support or school supplies. Funds raised by Kids 360 go directly to carefully selected children’s charities.

According to JOH, the value of giving back to the community was woven into the fabric of the company by its founder, Harry O’Hare.

“Hosting the charity event and seeing everyone come together for such a great cause was really exciting,” said Chip O’Hare, CEO and chairman of JOH. “Our Kids 360 Charity is a true testament to my father and really speaks to JOH’s culture of giving back to the community.”

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