Jingit Launches Omni-channel Shopper Marketing Platform

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Jingit Launches Omni-channel Shopper Marketing Platform


Jingit, the Minneapolis-based company that uses instant cash as the “conversation starter” between consumers, brands and retailers, has launched a platform update, designed to enable retailers and brands to better engage with shoppers across multiple channels.

Allowing brands to drive retail banner-specific engagement without losing personalized shopper interactions, Jingit offers shoppers instant cash for engaging with retailers and brands at any step in the transaction process, from any media point: print/FSI, signage, TV, online, banner ads, mobile and social.

"Jingit addresses a familiar problem retailers face: hundreds of suppliers demanding marketing ROI, and the challenges inherent in the huge growth in shopper apps that distract shoppers," Joe Rogness, co-founder and CEO of Jingit, told Progressive Grocer. "Jingit helps retailers and brands conduct a personalized experience, one shopper at a time...while keeping the spend in a retailer’s location."

Shoppers use Jingit via their smartphone to access personalized, time-sensitive engagements and offers, which can include watching a brief ad, taking a short survey, checking in with a product in-aisle, or a combination thereof. Once the product engagement is complete, the consumer earns cash that they can spend instantly.

This sequenced conversation aims to complement traditional marketing, and includes the consumer throughout the entire lifecycle in an opt-in manner. Brands such as 7UP, Hillshire Farm and Kellogg’s are tapping Jingit to build ongoing direct product engagement with shoppers.

The platform "facilitates the win-win-win between consumer, brand, and merchant," Rogness added. "Jingit enables a marketer to maintain a 1:1 conversation from first media impression, through purchase and into loyalty. This sequenced conversation compliments traditional marketing, and includes the consumer throughout the entire lifecycle in an opt-in manner."

Rogness told PG that the future of advertising lies in the control and hands of the consumer, and, given the technically-advanced age where everything needs to be at the "tips of their fingertips, ... Jingit delivers a simple way to complement what works best about traditional marketing methods and satisfy the unique needs of everyone involved in the shopper marketing ecosystem."