Jewel-Osco Inks Deal to Expedite Patient Meds, Streamline Care

The new contract is between Supervalu's Chicago-based Jewel-Osco division and Elgin, Ill.-based Passages Hospice. "For our in-home patients, this contract streamlines Passages' ability to quickly pick-up and deliver Class 2 narcotics -- controlled substances for pain -- so that our patients can get the relief they need fast," said Seth Gillman, administrator of Passages Hospice. "Prior to this contract, ordering the medications, processing payments, along with pick-up and delivery, were inefficient and time-consuming creating long waiting times, multiple phone calls, and repetitive paperwork for everyone, especially our nursing staff."

Gillman said the partnership further streamlines the process for physicians as well. "All they have to do is call the prescription in to the Jewel-Osco pharmacy near our office," Gillman explained. "No more searching for a pharmacy close to their patient's home or skilled care facility. This one call is all we need."

The contract allows nursing staff to pick up needed medications and/or supplies at the Jewel-Osco pharmacy close to the Passages Hospice office in Elgin, or other locations, and then dispense to Passages' patients statewide, said Gillman. Also, family members can go to any Jewel-Osco, identify themselves as a Passages Hospice client, select the medical supplies they need, and Passages covers the cost.
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