Jewel Evaluating Express Lanes vs. Self-checkout Units

Jewel-Osco is evaluating whether or not manned express checkout units should replace self-checkout units, and has already made the switch at a handful of stores in Chicago.

“We want to make sure that every customer coming into our store has the opportunity to come in grab a few things, checkout, and leave, but we don’t want them to leave our stores without that last personal interaction,” Allison Sperling, communications manager for Itasca, Ill.-based Jewel told Progressive Grocer.

This doesn’t mean that all self-checkout units will be replaced; that decision will be made store-by-store and based on factors including traffic, basket size and current use of self-checkout units. Where it makes sense, the grocer will keep the self-checkout units. Otherwise, they will be replaced with manned express lanes that are shorter in length than traditional checkout lanes.

“A lot of the stores where this will happen are those where the shopping is more grab and go and the customers are in and out fairly quickly,” said Sperling. “We still want to service the shoppers, even if they’re not doing bulk shopping.”

To date, Jewel has replaced self-checkout units at several stores, but Sperling said that the number was less than 10 percent of its 176 stores.

Jewel is owned by New Albertsons, Inc., which operates 445 stores under the Jewel, Shaw’s/Star Market and Acme banners.

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