It’s Time to Watch Innerspace, Again

Remember, the 1980s movie Innerspace? In the film, Dennis Quaid and his space pod are miniaturized and indertently embedded inside an unwitting Martin Short.  

Well now, according to Engadget, FoodMarble's AIRE digestive tracker is available for pre-order. This device gives users the power to face exactly what’s going on inside their, well, you know, inner space, in order to determine what might cause disconfort, whether a fructose or lactose issue, or just simple indigestion. AIRE is a portable diagnostic device with an app that is easy to use as well as affordable. It also beats a visit to the gastroenterologist. 

The AIRE device replaces the need for a standard hydrogen breath-testing exam one might get in their doctor’s office. Instead, AIRE lets consumers test themselves by a simple set of repeated instructions. Aftering gathering data, the AIRE, which has a small mouthpiece on one end, then conveys its high-tech analysis onto a wafer smaller than a credit card.  Users simply intake a packet of powdery ingredients mixing with water. Then take a drink, put AIRE to your lips, inhale a deep breath, and blow to let the connected app reports your readings. 

After doing AIRE tests on different day to gather readings, you'll have a pretty good idea of which substances your body can't digest, and what foods you probably shouldn't eat. 

Engadget goes on to say that while it's tempting to think that its users would never again need to see a gastroenterologist, the app and device can't diagnose more serious issues such as bacterial infections or other illnesses.  What AIRE does provide is a information that the user and a doctor can better analyze.

FoodMarble's chief medical officer James Brief, a licensed gastroenterologist, likens it to the home pregnancy test, making AIRE something that potentially millions of consumers will look to before heading to the doctor. The test acts like a starting resource, not a replacement for professional medical care. 

The AIRE is expected to sell for $149 when it hits retail stores in August 2017

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