It's Thyme for 2007's Top 10 Flavor Pairings

HUNT VALLEY, Md. -- Tangerine and thyme, crystallized ginger and salted pistachio, and wasabi and maple might not work on your burger, but they are still expected to be trendy flavor pairings in the coming year, said spice maker McCormick & Company, Inc. here.

The above pairings are three among what McCormick said will be the top 10 pairings, according to its annual Flavor Forecast, which is meant to highlight combinations that will influence foods prepared at restaurants as well as at home.

McCormick's top 10 flavor pairings for 2007 are:
--clove and green apple;
--thyme and tangerine
--tellicherry black pepper and berry
--sea salt and smoked tea
--lavender and honey
--crystallized ginger and salted pistachio
--cumin and apricot
--toasted mustard and fennel seeds
--wasabi and maple
--caramelized garlic and riesling vinegar

"In creating this report, we examined two overarching trends influencing flavor," said Laurie Harrsen, Director of Consumer Communications at McCormick. "The first is the ever-expanding breadth of choices, specifically within individual ingredients. Even staples like salt are now available in a diverse palette of flavor, color, and texture. Also, global cuisines, particularly those of North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, continue to drive our exploration of new foods and flavors."

McCormick said some of America's top chefs, television personalities, and cookbook authors contributed their ideas to the Flavor Forecast. McCormick has forecasted flavor trends since 2000.
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