iPad POS Vendor Revel Opens Marketplace for POS Plug-ins

Users of Revel Systems iPad point-of-sale (POS) solutions can now upgrade and add functionality to their system with a quick visit to Revel’s iPad Marketplace for POS plug-ins.

The Marketplace enables Revel customers to integrate with third party apps and plug-ins – including Facebook and Groupon – directly from their POS system.

“You add these plug-ins the same way you would add an App to an iPhone from the iTunes store,” Lisa Falzone, CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems told Progressive Grocer. “You don’t have to pay for a developer to come in and integrate the solution to your POS.”

According to the San Francisco-based vendor, whereas legacy POS systems are not equipped to “talk” virtually, Revel Systems’ cloud-based nature allows businesses to directly access third party apps and plug-ins right from the POS system.  For example, a sandwich shop can select Facebook and Twitter from the Marketplace and then send out a social media message to its “friends” and “followers” in real time saying that they are having a special on pastrami sandwiches to drive traffic on a slow day.

Revel Systems’ POS can also integrate into local daily deal APIs, including Groupon and LivingSocial, making the redemptions possible directly from the POS with a one-time use code system for users to upload all redemption codes directly into the POS system, so that when a customer comes to redeem the coupon, users can simply scan the code into the POS to ensure the deal is valid. This new solution will not only help to speed up the process of redeeming such offers at a POS station, it will also put a stop to fraud for redemptions, according to Revel. The Marketplace is also compliant with local and regional tax laws for deal discounts like Groupon and LivingSocial, a feature not supported on any other POS system.

Currently available plug-ins include solutions for online ordering (Zuppler), payment (LevelUp and Dwolla), gift and reward cards (Groupon, LivingSocial, GiveX, Valutec, Perkville), reporting (Ctuit), digital menus (Digital Menu Me), kiosk solutions, mobile payment and social media integration (Facebook and Twitter).

After one year of its official launch in Aug. 2011, Revel Systems has grown from a partnered two-person company with a few developers to more than 30 employees with aggressive growth expectations set through 2013. With the Revel POS now in 400 enterprise locations across the nation, the company has successfully launched in three sectors—restaurant, retail and grocery—and is the only new tablet company in tier-one establishments like Little Caesar’s Pizza, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Illy Coffee, Twistee Treat, Camille’s Sidewalk Café, FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Cafe and Marty’s Market. (The October 2012 issue of Progressive Grocer Independent will feature Marty’s Market and its use of the Revel system).

The venture-backed company received its Series A round of funding in May 2011 to the tune of $3.7 million and has officially reached profitability at the close of its first year. It has also secured partnerships with Best Buy’s Geek Squad for its installs, and LevelUp and Dwolla for mobile payment integration.

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