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intesource and Cleartrack Enter Strategic Alliance

intesource, a provider of web-based procurement
services to grocery and healthcare buyers, and Cleartrack Information Network, a leader in supply chain visibility, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver end-to-end online procurement and distribution services that manage the entire procurement supply
chain, from supplier negotiations to dock delivery and post-delivery analysis.

The combined services are currently being introduced to Cleartrack and intesource clients within the grocery and healthcare industries, which may begin to realize a return on investment from the integrated solution within 90 days.

``Our respective customers are asking for an end-to-end solution. By combining intesource and Cleartrack capabilities, our customers can pick a supplier, place an order, fill the crate, load the truck and line the shelf in one-tenth the traditional procurement time,'' said
Oren Davis, CEO and founder of intesource. ``Cleartrack is emerging as a leader in online supply chain visibility, making it a natural partner for intesource.''

The partnership creates a ``best of breed'' solution resulting in significant advantages and efficiencies to the current paper-based methods of conducting business, such as reducing overall procurement time, saving money and providing real-time access to information and analysis, all while maximizing existing buyer/supplier/distribution relationships.

Services will be delivered though a hosted application that begins with preparations for an online procurement event and manages the entire procurement and shipping process, through load tendering, tracking, alerts, notifications, delivery, closure, reporting and analysis
of both the supplier and shipper(s).

``intesource has developed a service that complements Cleartrack's Hawk Visibility Software. We have a solution that creates a virtual and seamless hand-off between online procurement and distribution services,'' said Harry Allan IV, CEO of Cleartrack. ``Together, our companies can offer a unique solution to the grocery and healthcare industries.''
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