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An Instant Power Executive Explains What Makes His Company’s Plumbing And Cleaning Products Stand Apart From Those Of Competitors. By Mike Duff

Instant Power Corp. is looking to unblock drains that just don’t work like they used to. The company’s range of products gives consumers the chance to deal with multiple drain and septic issues by providing a broad range of solutions to plumbing problems. The Instant Power Drain Opener lineup includes a Hair & Grease Drain Opener, a Hair Clog Remover, and, the company notes, a pair of heavy-duty items, one 10 times more potent than common drain openers and the other 36 times more powerful. Instant Power also offers consumers Drain Maintainers and Sewer & Septic products. The company has additionally developed a portfolio of cleaning products that includes items for showers, toilet tanks, washing machines, dishwashers, disposals and drains, as well as an Extreme Stain & Odor Remover designed for the sort of household challenges associated with family and pet activity.

According to Grant Stallknecht, VP sales at Dallas-based Instant Power Corp., the product formulations that the company has created can tackle difficult-to-address household drain and cleaning dilemmas where others might falter. Instant Power launched 55 years ago and has grown its availability to a range of retailers, including some of the largest in the United States. The company backs its product with a 100% money-back guarantee, but that isn’t all: On social media, it offers fun and instructive information on drain and cleaning problems, with its products offered as the solutions. On its website, Instant Power provides a connection to The Drain Experts with a page that features a form through which consumers can ask questions about Instant Power products or request a refund based on the company’s guarantee. All customers need to do is fill out the form, attach an image of the original receipt and get their refund. As such, Instant Power expresses confidence in its products, supported as they are by product information, advice and a means to easily address issues.

Following is a conversation between Progressive Grocer and Stallknecht on what differentiates Instant Power from other cleaning brands.

Progressive Grocer: What is the first thing anyone should understand about the Instant Power line of products?

Grant Stallknecht: At Instant Power, we focus on drain care products, and, as the No. 3 national brand, we carry the strongest nonacid product on the market.

PG: What particular advantages do Instant Power products offer?

GS: Our formulation is superior to many of the brands out there today: We actually work, or you get your money back!

PG: How do the products provide the results they do?

GS: We use a dual-hydroxide formulation that will dissolve the drain-clogging material for as long as it is in the drain.

Instant Power Products
“Anyone that has drains is a customer; at some point there will be a clog.” —Grant Stallknecht, Instant Power Corp.

PG: How do Instant Power products compare with and differ from the competition?

GS: The difference is formulation and time in the drain.

PG: What do grocers tell you about what’s happening in the household essentials aisle when it comes to sales trends and consumer behavior?

GS: Cleaning is still a vital category that, when purchased, increases overall basket size.

PG: How did the Instant Power product line launch and expand, and when did it first reach the consumer market?

GS: We have been in the consumer market since 1968, primarily in the hardware/home center market. Over the last 20 years, we have expanded in mass, grocery, and farm and ranch.

PG: How safe are Instant Power formulations?

GS: Very safe when following the directions. Vinegar is a good neutralizer if needed.

Instant Power products for retail and commercial

PG: Are all of the products created for the same retail channels, or are some specialized for particular distribution?

GS: We have products for retail and commercial, and each is designed for that end user.

PG: Who are the products’ core customers, or does Instant Power target multiple key consumer groups?

GS: Anyone that has drains is a customer; at some point there will be a clog. Ninety-five percent of all clogs are caused by hair.

PG: How does Instant Power do its consumer outreach in terms of traditional marketing and/or other channels to the consumer, such as social media?

GS: We use Facebook and Instagram. We also have online programs for many retailers.

PG: What responses have consumers had to the Instant Power product line?

GS: Our reviews are outstanding, which leads to repeat purchases.

PG: What do consumers particularly emphasize in their feedback?

GS: Many have standing water in their drain. They pour [our product] in, wait eight hours, and then hear a swish of the water releasing, and the clog is gone. They love hearing that swish!

PG: What does the future hold for Instant Power?

GS: We continue to innovate and find more ways to help keep drains flowing freely. A new line of products will be launched soon!

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