InMobi to Power Ad Monetization Across Point Pickup’s Grocery Partners

Full-funnel immersive experiences like high-impact native video products to enhance standard retail media offerings
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
InMobi Point Pickup
Grocers across Point Pickup’s GrocerKey network will incorporate InMobi Commerce’s retail media ad experiences into their e-commerce sites.

InMobi Commerce, an advertising technology platform for retailers and e-commerce companies, has revealed a retail media advertising partnership with Point Pickup, an enterprise-only retail-branded provider of fulfillment and last-mile delivery services. InMobi Commerce will deliver an industry-first product discovery and monetization solution to Point Pickup’s grocery retail partners, helping maximize their media-derived revenues while engaging and inspiring shoppers.

Through the partnership, 480 grocery stores across Point Pickup’s GrocerKey network will incorporate InMobi’s retail media ad experiences into their e-commerce sites, providing advertisers with premium content that helps drive increased engagement and return on investment.

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According to InMobi, CPG advertisers account for a large majority of retail media ad spend in the grocery space. In fact, 85% of CPG brands are planning to move additional marketing dollars toward retail media networks. But, as retail media inventory and pricing become more competitive, CPGs are actively diversifying their media mix to bring affordability and innovation to their media spends. InMobi suggests retail media platforms like theirs can bridge the divide between larger and smaller retailers that traditionally don't have the resources to build advanced retail media solutions and attract full-funnel budgets from brands.

The InMobi and Point Pickup partnership allows CPG brands to operate on an AI-powered platform and place high-impact ad experiences with only one buy. Through automated campaigns, advertisers can see the real-time impact of their ad dollars without the heavy lifting, according to InMobi. Once advertisers select their budget, return-on-advertising spend goal and campaign duration, they can allow automated optimization, reporting and closed-loop attribution to determine the brand awareness and product sales goals in comparison with their KPIs.

“The most progressive grocers and CPG brands are moving away from the traditional separation between brand and performance to a seamless integration of both; consumers have come to expect more from their online experiences: dynamic and emotive video as well as new ways to engage and interact,” said Lee Lambeth, VP of client success at Stamford, Conn.-based Point Pickup. “Retail media is a proven solution to combine media opportunities across our business and drive sales; it plays an integral role in our efforts to better reach customers, help them discover new brands and create an engaging online shopping experience.”

“Retail media has the chance to deliver consumer experiences that power full-funnel AI-supported marketing, giving brands the opportunity to foster trust and connection with their audiences in an intimate environment,” noted Abhay Singhal, co-founder of InMobi Group and CEO of InMobi Ads. “Retail media is the future of advertising, and launching automated campaigns within InMobi’s platform makes it simple for advertisers across all verticals, including grocery, to auto-optimize and determine the true impact of their efforts.”

Incorporated in Singapore, InMobi has U.S. operations in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Kansas City, Kan.

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