Ingles Markets Elects New Chairman

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Ingles Markets, Inc. today announced that Robert Ingle II has been elected chairman of its board of directors. Ingles founder Robert P. Ingle will continue as c.e.o. of the company and as the chairman of the executive committee of the board of directors.

Robert Ingle II has served as a director of Ingles since 1997. He has been employed by Ingles since 1985 and has served as v.p. of operations since 1996. Previous to his appointment as v.p., he held various positions both at store level and in the corporate offices.

"Robert grew up in the grocery business and has learned it from the ground up. He has been instrumental in helping Ingles to develop a first-class management team, and has proven himself to be an effective leader and a valuable member of that team," said Robert P. Ingle. "I believe he will be an outstanding chairman of the board. I look forward to focusing my attention on my duties as c.e.o. while working with Robert in his new role."
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