information technology: Companies prefer .uk for web address

UK companies are turning their backs on .com domain names, according to a survey by the national domain name registry, Nominet UK.

Over 70 per cent of those who have already registered a domain name have chosen .uk believing it to project a positive UK company image to internet users.

In addition, of those planning to register a domain
name within the next 12 months, twice as many
were intending to register one ending .uk as .com.

The primary reason given for choosing a .uk domain
name was that it denoted a UK company and image
(44 per cent), but this was followed by the view that
it gives an image of reliability (23 per cent) and
quality (21 per cent).

"UK companies are becoming increasingly aware of
the importance of their image on the internet and
are choosing domain names which reflect their
values," said Andrew Pinder, the e-envoy.

"The fact that companies are choosing .uk to
represent them around the globe clearly
demonstrates that the UK is seen as a premier e-
commerce centre."

"A domain name is as important to modern business as a telephone number," said Dr Willie Black, managing director of Nominet UK.

"This survey demonstrates that companies believe
their use of a . uk domain name will help them
attract and retain customers."
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