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IGA Introduces 'Better Choices' Program

IGA is focusing on the health and wellness of its customers with the launch of the IGA Better Choices program, which focuses on providing information for informed and balanced decisions about shopping choices.

“Today’s consumers have an expectation that retailers can and should support their health-and-wellness goals, however those goals are defined,” said Mark Batenic, IGA CEO.

The program, which features informational components for both retailers and consumers, is developed in conjunction with IGA Health & Wellness Advisor and Registered Dietician Kim Kirchherr.

The consumer-facing microsite,, provides information about planning and shopping for healthier options, overall wellness, food safety and recipes for better-for-you dishes. The site also directs consumers to information from the USDA, FDA and CDC, and features seasonal or themed sweepstakes highlighting food choices, like the current contest for June Dairy Month where shoppers test their dairy knowledge to win coupons redeemable at their local IGA store.

Retailers also are provided with in-store resources like signage, ad drop-ins, digital graphics, bag stuffers and press releases to promote the microsite as a resource for customers. For those that are participating in the IGALink program, their websites will automatically feature the microsite on their individual store webpage.

“Health and wellness is a personal journey, which means it’s different for everyone.” Kirchherr said. “We believe that this practical approach to information sharing through the microsite will resonate with all of our customers, no matter where they are along their health-and-wellness journey. That’s really our goal: to provide the tools and information so that we’re making it easier and more fun for our shoppers to make better choices along the way.” 

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