Idaho Potato Video Displays Lasting Appeal

About two years ago, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) created a video of Dawn Wells (a.k.a. Mary Ann from iconic 60s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island”) peeling an Idaho potato without a peeler to launch a successful contest on YouTube. Although the contest has long ended, Wells’ video has taken on a viral life of its own and is making its way around the globe.

To date, more than 10.1 million viewers have watch the video, and the number of views is increasing exponentially. Interestingly, what’s even more remarkable is that less than 1 percent of all videos on YouTube receive 1 million views.

The entertaining potato-peeling piece stars Wells in her home kitchen, removing the skin of an Idaho potato using hot and cold water — resulting in a perfectly peeled potato. As she narrates the segment, she makes several amusing references to her days on Gilligan's Island.

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