IBC: We're Not Icing Out Independent Grocers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Interstate Bakeries Corp. (IBC), maker of Wonder Bread and Hostess snack cakes, among other famous branded baked goods, yesterday dismissed a news report this week that the company was considering discontinuing deliveries to small and independent retailers in Maine.

Spokesman Justin Booth told Progressive Grocer that IBC "is looking at distribution across the country at all levels in order to improve efficiency," but it was "premature" to discuss any specific company plans.

Booth said the press report was based on "rumors" and that IBC had undertaken "no efforts to cut out independents." Such allegations, he said are "just wrong."

Booth acknowledged that the company, which filed for bankruptcy last September, had closed some bakeries and consolidated operations in the Northeast, Florida, and elsewhere, but noted that such actions were ongoing events, and "not a new story."
-- Bridget Goldschmidt
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