Husbands Prefer Supermarkets for Valentine Flowers

WASHINGTON - A florist research group says husbands are likeliest to buy their Valentine's Day flowers at the supermarket, primarily because they are likely to cost less there, The Associated Press reports.

"I've been speaking to retailers, and we're expecting a strong Valentine's Day," said Jennifer Sparks of the Society of American Florists, the industry's representative to government. "Even in a recession, flowers are known as a great communicator."

Men buy 70 percent of flowers on Valentine's Day and make 46 percent of their purchases at the supermarket, according to NPD Group, a market research firm that tracks the industry.

In contrast, just over 11 percent of overall flower purchases are made at the supermarket, with most people preferring the Internet and traditional florists.

Another reason why men might choose supermarkets on Valentine's Day is because they are notorious last-minute purchasers, the AP notes.
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