Hess Extends PriceNet System to WilcoHess Sites

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Hess Corp. extended its use of Kalibrate Technologies plc's PriceNet fuel pricing system to its recently acquired WilcoHess sites. The company will now utilize PriceNet at all of its gasoline locations, according to a news release.

"Kalibrate has proven to be an excellent partner," said Kristy Cunningham, vice president of marketing at Hess. "They have not only delivered a world-class software solution, but the experienced team at Kalibrate also provides informed consultancy to ensure that we continue to derive measurable returns from their solutions. The decision to roll out their pricing system to the WilcoHess sites was straightforward."

Hess purchased PriceNet in 2010 and later partnered with Kalibrate to assist with strategic definition and location decisions.

​"I am delighted at this opportunity to support Hess in its business growth with fuels pricing and retail location planning," stated Kalibrate President and CEO Bob Stein. "We look forward to supporting Hess' total petroleum retail network, both convenience stores and travel centers."

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