Hermitage, Pa. Shop 'n Save Co-Owner Designs Breast Cancer Pinky Ring

HERMITAGE, Pa. Aileen Magnotto, co-owner of Magnotto's Shop 'n Save supermarket based here, has designed a unique piece of jewelry to raise money for cancer prevention through the Susan G Komen fund/Pittsburgh chapter.

Collaborating with Pittsburgh-based jewelry designer Caesar Azzam, Magnotto, who owns the store with her husband Michael Magnotto, designed the first-of-its-kind Breast Cancer Pinky Ring in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon with a pink stone inside the top loop.

Magnotto said the original design is sterling silver with a pink sapphire, and it retails for about $300, but the stone and the band can be changed to anything the buyer wants.

A breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed in May 2005 and who now remains on an oral pill to help in her recovery, Magnotto said the ring is part of her continuing mission to help educate others about cancer.

"The way you wear the ring signifies if you are a Breast Cancer survivor," Magnotto told Progressive Grocer. "If the tails of the ribbon point toward your heart, you are a survivor. Others can show support and awareness of Breast Cancer Research by wearing the ring with the ribbon tails pointing toward their fingertips."

Magnotto said the pink sapphire could also be replaced with a birthstone, diamond, or stone of your choice, "which makes it a wonderful tribute to a cancer patient."

Ten percent of the ring's price -- whether it be the original $300 version or a higher-end version with a diamond costing thousands -- is tax deductible, with the money going to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation, a nonprofit group that is among the largest nonprofit contributors to breast cancer cure research.

The Pinky Ring is currently featured in the October issue of Pittsburgh Magazine.

For more information, visit: www.breastcancerpinkyring.com.
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