HEB Teaching Customers about Switch to All-digital Broadcasting

H.E. Butt Grocery Co. of San Antonio is launching an awareness campaign across Texas to help prepare Texans for the nationwide mandatory switch to all-digital broadcasting coming in February 2009.

HEB talked about the details of its initiative last week in a series of press conferences held at stores across the state. U.S. Congressman Charlie Gonzalez joined the grocer in spreading the word.

"It is very important to HEB that our customers are educated and prepared for the national analog to digital transition," said Dya Campos, director of public affairs, in a statement. "All of our partners are dedicated to helping our customers better understand the transition -- what it is, what it means to them, what tools they will need, and the benefits."

The effort includes helping customers register for vouchers being issued by The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), to help cover the cost of acquiring the converter box that will be necessary for analog TVs to receive any kind of programming after the switch to digital broadcasting.

Throughout the next few months, HEB partners will share knowledge of the DTV conversion and the converter box coupon registration program with customers, and will help customers identify any additional parts they may need for their television. Starting April 1, 2008, customers can purchase converter boxes at HEB for $40, as well as HD antennas, cables, and remotes.

Every U.S. household is eligible to receive up to two coupons, valued at $40 each, toward the purchase of a single DTV converter box. NTIA, a division of the Department of Commerce, is administering the Digital-to-Analog Converter (DTV) Box Voucher Program.
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