HEB Launches Men’s Grooming Department

HEB has launched a new department specifically designed to meet men’s grooming needs. Called the Men’s Zone, the department was developed by Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble and features 534 products.

According to published reports, the concept at the San Antonio-based grocer features grooming products specifically for men, and touchscreens so they can learn grooming tips and discover new products. So far stores in Schertz, Boerne and San Antonio feature the section, which was pitched to HEB by P&G last year

Consumer posts on the Houston Chronicle Web site showed mixed reactions so far. Here are a few verbatim reviews:

“There’s something ironic about a section separated from ‘girly’ products that features anti-wrinkle cream and eye puff gunk. The whole man cave thing has to end, now. It’s silly and, well, unmanly. HEB, here’s a tip; I just want to buy my stuff and leave, not board the starship Enterprise. We aren't women. Stop trying.”

“I think it's great. I hope it comes to the Houston store on Bunker Hill. I’m in a wheelchair and it would not only save me time, but also save on my batteries.”

“I think it’s a great idea. Single men have been so long denied any type of "aisle of their own". I like HEB, too. The price is right and no card required. I hate those darn cards.”

“534 items? Are they nuts? Some deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream and mouthwash are all I need — they can keep the other 530 items.”

“This may be a good idea; they have a row for kids, another one for women (well, hell, they have like five rows for women), so why not have one for men? They need to put the books, mags and new papers on the row also.”

“My local Target store has done the same thing. Now I have to go down twice as many ‘smelly’ aisles to get thru my shopping list. It’d be nice if they’d put all the unscented products in one aisle regardless of which sex it is geared to.”
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