HBC Products Top Promoted Brands for January

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HBC Products Top Promoted Brands for January


Six of January’s top 10 promoted brands promoted by North American retailers in January, 2011 were from HBC categories, according to Cleveland, Ohio-based ECRM, which tracks the top 100 brand promoted in advertising circulars from retailers across the country as part of its market research offerings.

These HBC brands were Dove (No. 2), Aveeno (No. 3), Pantene (No. 4), Nature’s Bounty (No. 6), Suave (No. 8), and Revlon (No. 10). “Many retailers focus their November-December on categories related to holiday entertaining and gifts,” said Tom Pirovano, ECRM’s VP of industry insights. “In January, we tend to see more health-oriented ads promoting HBC, diet, and exercise.”

Coke (No. 5), Pepsi (No. 7), and Kraft (No. 9) were the top promoted food brands in January. Special K jumped from No. 91 for Calendar 2010 to No. 11 in January 2011 as the brand was promoted outside of the cereal aisle.

The list of top 100 promoted brands is based on share of print circular ad blocks weighted by retailer size. Information is provided by ECRM’s MarketGate Ad Comparisons, which provides both retailers and suppliers a comprehensive analysis of trade promotion activity across categories, markets, and retail channels.

The full list of 100 brands is available at ECRM’s Circular Logic blog site: http://www.circularlogic.marketgate.com/2011/02/ecrm-releases-top-100-brands-for.html