Harps Using StopLift Tech to Catch Crafty Cashiers

Harps Food Stores, the Springdale, Ark.-based independent grocer, has rolled out StopLift Checkout Vision Systems’ ScanItAll video recognition technology to catch dishonest cashiers.

ScanItAll technology works with existing overhead video cameras to detect employees that might be “sweethearting” merchandise – the process by which cashiers pretend to scan merchandise on the conveyor belt or in the shopping cart, but bypass the scanner, thus not charging the customer. The customer is often a friend, family member or fellow employee.

Whereas the clocks on retail security video and POS’s often fall out of sync, rendering it difficult to find video of specific transactions, StopLift’s Video on Demand (VOD) feature utilizes millisecond-accurate “MilliSync” synchronization of video and cash register transaction data.

Combined with VPN-free web accessibility from anywhere, VOD enabled John Rinks, Harp’s district manager, loss prevention, to obtain the “smoking gun” video of a Harp’s cashier taking $100 from the drawer and putting it in her pocket.

Harps also detects, through StopLift’s video analysis, the voiding of cash sales. One of Harp’s cashiers voided a cash sale of a pack of cigarettes and gave it to the customer free of charge. The cash register didn’t show a shortage, so no one noticed any discrepancy until later when checking inventory. The system detected the occurrence of void fraud and provided the video evidence to Rinks and the store manager to take action.

ScanItAll also detects unintentional mis-scans, errors and operational issues, which have called Harps’ attention to both lazy cashiers and defective scanners. The result has been better training of cashiers and replacement of malfunctioning scanners.

Founded in 1930, Harps’ 65 stores are located throughout Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, with five more planned this year.

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